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French Proverbs (701-786)

Word by word the big books are made.

For one pleasure a thousand pains.

Don't snap your fingers at the dogs before
you are out of the village.

What is learned in the cradle lasts til the grave.

Better be a coward than foolhardy.

He who waits for a dead man's shoes is in
danger of going barefoot.

Counted sheep are eaten by the wolf.

It will not do to keep holidays before they come.

A handsome hostess is bad for the purse.

Let not your shirt know your way of thinking.

He who has money has capers.

One hour's sleep before midnight is
better than three after it.

By working in the smithy one becomes a smith.

Who speaks, sows; who listens, reaps.

He who rides on the giant's shoulders
sees further than he who carries him.

When all other sins are old avarice is still young.

A little sheep always seems young.

He who has daughters is always a shepherd.

Some thinking to avenge their shame increase it.

Soft words don't scotch the tongue.

Not every sort of wood is fit to make an arrow.

He gains enough who loses sorrow.

A sow prefers bran to roses.

A sow is always dreaming of bran.

An eel escapes from a good fisherman.

Better a slip of the foot than of the tongue.

As soon dies the calf as the cow.

Money burns many.

Some think they have done when they are only beginning.

A galled horse does not care to be curried.

It is a good horse that has no fault.

To wash an ass's head is but loss of time and soap.

Hear, see, and say nothing if you would live in peace.

Big head, little wit.

He that hunts two hares will catch neither.

A silver hammer breaks an iron door.

Hares are not caught by the sound of the drum.

None so deaf as he that won't hear.

He who has not health has nothing.

He who trusts a woman and leads an ass
will never be free from plague.

The handsomest woman can only give what she has.

He that has a head of wax must not approach the fire.

All heads are not sense-boxes.

He that is too much in haste may stumble on a good road.

If your head is made of butter, don't be a baker.

A good head does not want for hats.

Nothing happens for nothing.

He who has not health has nothing.

Hasten leisurely.

He does not guard himself well who is not always on his guard.

You cannot make a hawk of a buzzard.

A good dog hunts by instinct.

A wicked dog must be tied short.

The dog gets into the mill under cover of the ass.

Don’t snap your fingers at the dogs before you are out of the village.

A good dog never gets a good bone.

One must talk soothingly to the dog until one has passed him.

A mad dog cannot live long.

He who recovers but the tail of his cow does not lose all.

Suspicion is the poison of friendship.

He that hides, can find.

Good swimmers are drowned last.

A good swordsman is never quarrelsome.

Swim on and don’t trust.

One does not always hit what one aims at.

A great talker is a great liar.

Long talk makes short days.

A dog may look at a bishop.

A hungry dog is not afraid of cudgelling.

Great talkers are not great doers.

A good swimmer is not safe against drowning.

Always talk big and you will never be forgotten.

Every dog is valiant in his own kennel.

When the dog is drowning every one brings him water.

It is all one whether you are bit by a dog or a bitch.

The mixer and the pig are useless unless they are dead.

While the dogs are growling at each other the wolf devours the sheep.

One foot is better than two stilts.

A fifth wheel in the wagon hinders more than helps.

Wash a dog, comb a dog, still a dog remains a dog.

There are good dogs of all sizes.

A father is a banker provided by nature.

The most wasted of all days is hte day when we have not laughed.

An old dog does not bark for nothing.

It is not enough to run’ one must start in time.

A good dog never barks at fault.