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English Proverbs (701-800)

Though the cat winks she is not blind.

Set a fool to catch a fool.

It is ill catching of fish when the hook is bare.

The first in the boat has the choice of oars.

Will is the cause of woe.

A grain of caution is worth a pound of medicine.

Occasion is bald behind.

He that cannot beat his horse, beats the saddle.

Kindness is never lost that's bestowed
on children and old folks.

A blind man cannot judge colors.

Birth is much but breeding more.

Spend and be free, but make no waste.

A small house has a wide throat.

Few words and many deeds.

A clear conscience is a sure card.

Do nothing hastily but catching of fleas.

Beware of a silent dog and a still water.

Cast no dirt into the well that has given you water.

Every dog considers himself a lion at home.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Give us the luxuries of life, and
we will dispense with the necessaries.

Hills are green afar off.

Hide nothing from you minister, physician, and lawyer.

Hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings.

Hold fast when you have it.

Great talkers are like leaky pitchers,
everything runs out of them

In every country dogs bite.

Many hands make light work.

Least talk, most work.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Past cure, past care.

When my house burns,
it is not good playing at chess.

Praise a hill but keep on the plain.

Set a herring to catch a whale.

Tailors and writers must mind the fashion.

Sympathy without relief is like mustard without beef.

Better my hog dirty at home than no hog at all.

Talk is cheap but it takes money to buy whiskey.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Cut off a dog’s tail and he will be dog still.

Dead dogs bark not.

Lend never that thing you need most.

The belly is not filled with fair words.

Fair words and foul deeds
cheat wise men as well as fools.

Manners make Manners make the man.

Never pleasure without repentance.

Nine tailors make a man.

One rotten apple spils the whole barrel.

One sows, another reaps.

Own is own.

A clear conscience laughs at false accusations.

A man must not throw a gift at the giver's head.

Cheese and money should
always sleep together one night.

Short counsel is good counsel.

Little goods, little care.

Loving comes by looking.

Cowards are cruel.

It's merry when friends meet.

The coin that is most
current among us is flattery.

Honesty is a fine jewel, but much out of fashion.

You cackle often but never lay an egg.

Scorning is catching.

A dry cough is the trumpeter of death.

Care is no cure.

Once a whore and ever a whore.

Wonders will never cease.

The praise of fools is censure in disguise.

Children are certain cares, uncertain comforts.

Vices are learned without a master.

A bridle for the tongue is a necessary piece of furniture.

He that buys and lies shall feel it in his purse.

A reputation is seldom cured.

He who serves God has a good master.

Money is a great traveler in the world.

Too much breaks the bag.

He is rich enough that needs neither to flatter nor borrow.

Such is the priest, such is the clerk.

He is not free that draws his chain.

Coats change with countries.

A tailor’s shreds are worth the cutting.

Dogs wag their tails not so much
in love to you as to your bread.

He that hews too high may get a chip in his eye.

You may know the horse by his harness.

Happy is he that chastens himself.

Bread and cheese be two targets against death.

A woman's strength is her tongue.

A good tale is none the worse for being twice told.

The fool runs away while his house is burning down.

Love is full of busy fear.

Lawyer's houses are built on the heads of fools.

Every man must bear his own burden.

He that is shameless is graceless.

Every couple is not a pair.

A fool's speech is a bubble of air.

A hungry man is an angry man.

He that builds on the people, builds on the dirt.

There's love in a budget.

The devil is a busy bishop in his own diocese.

Good words quench more than a bucket of water.

When the house is burned down you bring water.