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English Proverbs (2601-2700)

The blind horse is fittest for the mill.

I cannot run and sit still at the same time.

An ass is but an ass, though laden with gold.

Young men think old men fools,
but old men know the young men are.

Creditors have better memories than debtors.

Good tidings, like bad, seldom come alone.

Better rule than be ruled by the rout.

Bad guides may soon mislead.

He that the devil drives, feels no lead at his heels.

Old vessels must leak.

A lean sorrow is hardest to bear.

Flies go to lean horses.

He that would learn to pray, let him go to sea.

Never too late to learn.

Past labor is pleasant.

The devil is good when he is pleased.

He that eats least eats most.

Better kiss a knave than be troubled with him.

Knowledge is power.

There will be sleeping enough in the grave.

Every man has a fool in his sleeve.

A lie stands on one leg, and truth on two.

Better sit idle than work for nothing.

There is luck in leisure.

Manners and money make a gentleman.

He that will not bear the itch must endure the smart.

There's always plenty of help when it's not wanted.

Peace makes plenty.

Opinion rules the world.

Shameless craving must have a shameless nay.

A whet is no let.

A good presence is letters of recommendation.

A lewd bachelor makes a jealous husband.

By little and little the wolf eats up the goose.

He who gives fair words feeds you with an empty spoon.

Love will find a way.

Prettiness dies first.

Be not idle and you shall not be longing.

It is never a bad day that has a good night.

A good life has a good death.

No grass grows in the marketplace.

Knowledge without practice makes but half an artist.

The poor man turns his cake and another comes and eats it.

There is no worse pestilence
than a familiar enemy.

A good lawyer must be a great lier.

Poor and liberal, rich and covetous.

That tongue does lie that speaks in haste.

True blood may not lie.

Painters and poets may lie by authority.

Interest will not lie.

We hall lie all alike in our graves.

Reputation is the life of the mind,
as breath is the life of the body.

A heavy purse makes a light heart.

Labor is light where love does pay.

There is but a slight step from the privateersman to the pirate.

One devil is like another.

The unlikeliest places are often likelier than those that are likeliest.

An ill servant will never be a good master.

A barking dog bites little.

A slip of the foot may be soon recovered,
but that of the tongue perhaps never.

The cat knows whose lips she licks.

The great would have none great, and the little all little.

A little wit will serve a fortunate man.

A little kitchen makes a large house.

Live and let live.

A man may live upon little, but he cannot live upon nothing.

We shall live till we die.

Better to die a beggar than live a beggar.

Craft against craft makes no living.

Better the head of a lizard than the tail of a lion.

We must walk before we run.

Money talks.

There is nature in all things.

Ill gotten, ill spent.

A small sore wants not a great plaster.

He that is needy when he is married shall be rich when he is buried.

If you tell every step, you will make a long journey of it.

Say no ill of the year till it be past.

Care killed a cat.

Trade is a lottery.

He is like a bell that will go for every one that pulls it.

Every slip is not a fall.

He that has neither horse nor cart, cannot always load.

Better go away longing than loathing.

Who comes late lodges ill.

Words have long tails.

There needs a long time to know the world's pulse.

Short pleasure, long lament.

No longer pipe, no longer dance.

The longest way round is the nearest way home.

You must look where it is not, as well as where it is.

He that has but one eye had need look well to that.

Where the knot is loose the string slips.

The good paymaster is lord of another man's purse.

A kind word is never lost.

It is not lost that comes at last.

Sown corn is not lost.

It is not lost what a friend gets.

Money is often lost for want of money.

He who trusts all things to chance, makes a lottery of his life.