A rolling stone gathers no moss.
~ English Proverb, American [15037]

In the beginning, this proverb inspired Muddy Waters to sing:

Well my mother told my father just before I was born
'I got a boy child comin', gonna be, gonna be a rollin' stone
Sho' enough he's a rollin' stone ...

The song lyrics later inspired Brian Jones to name his newly formed rock and roll band, The Rolling Stones.

The term was also used as a title to Bob Dylan's famous 'Like A Rolling Stone':
And to bring it full circle, a magazine named, "Rolling Stone" named Dylan's song #1 in their '500 Greatests Songs of All Time' listings beating out The Rolling Stone's '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' at #2.
*Rolling Stone is a registered trademark of Rolling Stone Magazine.

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